Jessie Held
Yang Owner

Tracy truly brings holistic life to the HUB - she is gentle, kind and wise beyond measure. Tracy shares herbal medicines, holistic wellness, meditation and gentle yoga to our community.


200hr RYT

Yin Owner
Tracy Martorana

Jessie is a visionary who brings her creativity and radiating energy to everything she does at the HUB. Jessie shares so much of her authentic self with her students and enjoys teaching a variety of styles.

Reiki Practitioner

500hr RYT

Tracy and Jessie are the Yin and the Yang, not opposites but complimentary. By working together they bring out the best qualities in each other. Together they have created an atmosphere of balance and harmony in the community. A safe space for people to explore the duality of themselves.

       Yin &


Our Teaching Team


200 RYT

Bethany is a benevolent soul who brings calm and peace to our community at the HUB.

Bethany shares yoga in a heart-felt way holding space for her students to learn and experience relaxation.


200 RYT

Ken brings his easy going attitude, humor and athletic knowledge to our community at the HUB. Ken shares yoga that blends traditional yoga practices with vitalizing resistance training.


200 RYT

Michele is new to our team and we are looking forward to welcoming her into our community. Michele shares her love of nurturing both the body and the mind to create balance in the studio.


200 RYT

Allie is always a joy to have leading class.  She is a great support to our team due to her ability to teach a variety of class styles. Allie brings her whole heart and soul to her classes and our community is blessed to have her share her true self. 

Creating Community

One Breath at a Time

At the center of Holistic Hub, is our TRIBE. They are our community, our heart & soul.  Community is created when people come together with a sense of belonging and interpersonal connection.  Ours is made up of people who come from different backgrounds and who are at different stages of their yoga journey.  They create a circle of people willing to lift each other up, to practice together, to learn together and most importantly, they share a desire to better themselves and the community.

Want to Join the Team or Share a Workshop?

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